Fighting Sickle Cell...,
..Helping Families

Cure Sickle Cell Foundation (CSCF), Inc. was founded by Larry & Dee Nixon, a physician and nurse, whose son has sickle cell disease (SCD). The couple believes it to be no coincidence that they have been blessed with a son that has the disease. Not only does their profession uniquely position them to care for their son, it also compels them to be the backbone for CSCF. The philosophy of sacrificing self to benefit others is the story of their live and is reflected in the spirit of CSCF’s all-volunteer structure. CSCF was born out of the Nixon’s frustration with the lack of research and funding efforts geared for curing SCD. Read More...

Join The Movement!

Whether you are a runner, walker, or rider we want you to represent sickle cell disease with your every movement!

The importance of donating blood is crucial in preventing SCD complications like stroke and debilitating pain. Many of our Sickle Cell Survivors need to receive blood transfusions monthly to prevent complications. We need you to help us by donating blood regularly. Make a Connection, Make a Difference...

Flipping a Gene Switch Reactivates Fetal Hemoglobin, May Reverse Sickle Cell Disease

Great News! Hematology researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have manipulated key biological events in adult blood cells to produce fetal hemoglobin. All of our sickle cell survivors know that fetal hemoglobin is protective against sickling. So we pray that the researchers at CHOP continue their efforts to clinical trials so that our sickle cell survivors can have hope for a universal cure. Read More..

5k Walk/Run/Ride

Our flagship event held annually in Jackson, MS brings awareness to sickle cell disease.