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Annual 5K Walk/Run/Ride

Join Cure Sickle Cell Foundation and the state of Mississippi as we celebrate Sickle Cell Awareness Month. It’s time to Walk/Run/Ride toward a cure. Please mark your calendar for our annual Walk/Run/Ride on Sunday, September 24th. Help us to give a voice to sickle cell disease (SCD) by supporting efforts to further awareness. The walk is a non-competitive & competitive 5K walk for people of all ages and fitness levels. On-site registration for the walk will begin at 3pm. The Walk/Run/Ride is a competitive and non-competitive 5K (3.1 miles) for people of all ages and fitness levels. On-site registration for the 5K walk will begin at 3 pm. The will start at 4 pm at Thalia Mara Hall in downtown Jackson. Those who have passed away of sickle cell disease will be honored with a special red balloon release and sickle cell survivors will be recognized. Proceeds will benefit Mississippi families that suffer from (SCD) sickle cell disease. You can register here.

The Cure Sickle Cell Foundation was started by Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Nixon, Jr. who have a son that suffers from SCD. SCD is very near a cure but needs funding and events like this to get closer to the goal. SCD is one of the most prevalent genetic diseases in the nation. Currently over 2.5 million people in this nation carry the trait and 80,000 have the actual disease, which predominantly affects African Americans and people of Mediterranean descent. Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder that affects red blood cells. Medical problems associated with the disease include anemia, jaundice, gall stones, stroke, pain episodes, priapism, lung tissue damage, and damage to most organs.

The importance of donating blood is crucial in preventing SCD complications like stroke and debilitating pain. Many of our Sickle Cell Survivors need to receive blood transfusions monthly to prevent complications. We need you to help us by donating blood regularly. Make a Connection, Make a Difference...
Visit a local agency and help save a life by donating blood. Tell them that you want to donate to someone affected by sickle cell disease. Click here to get started